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October 6, 2011

View Any Page In Text Mode Only [Google Chrome]

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While surfing internet when you open any web page you will see that page has got lots of stuff other than text like images, videos and animations also.On most pages you will also finds lots of ads used my web masters those ads contains banners.

Most of the time these stuffs are useless and we hardly pay any attention to them, these stuffs makes page heavy and it takes lots of time to load or open, not only this these things consumes your costly bandwidth too.

Many time if we visit any downloading site, which is our primary work on internet, then you will find almost whole page is filled with ads, if you closely look then you will find that page is loaded with 90% ads and only 10% content.

And if you are on limited data plan or you need to work faster then it will sucks.There is a Chrome Extension, Text Only, Please, it allows you to open any web page in text mode only, it will disable all images, video and ads banners and other thing.It will serve you a neat and clean text version of any web page.

This extension is very simple to use all you have to do is just install it and then when you need to open any page in text mode, just right click on link and select Text-Only Mode, then next page will be open in text mode with nothing other than Text.


If you want to load same page in text mode then you can hit Alt + T on your keyboard or you can click on Text Mode icon on toolbar to do the same.

This extension is very helpful for those who is having low bandwidth plan or on very slow internet connection

Install Chrome Extension :- Text Only, Please

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