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August 7, 2010

View, Create High Resolution Image With

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There was a time when we could not alter the content of any web page as per our needs and we had to view it as it is in its original format and size/resolution. For example, there wasn’t any tool to change the resolution of the entire web page or of any particular image on it. But that is not the case any more because is here. is a free web service that will allow you to view images in very high resolutions and at the same time share the newly created image with your friends over networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. You just need give the link to any image on the webs, and will give you a beautiful new way to experience it. It also will provide you a nice short URL to that new image that you had created on your own with its help.

What Does This Tool Do? converts your image to the Deep Zoom format(Silverlight Deep Zoom is the fastest, smoothest, zooming technology on the Web, bringing the highest resolution images and frame rates with the lowest load times to users. Deep Zoom also enables the display of thousands of items simultaneously, giving designers and developers new opportunities to create innovative navigation paradigms for both applications and the Web.) which lets you smoothly and efficiently explore the whole image, no matter how large. runs on Windows Azure and enhances the experience with Microsoft Silverlight(Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web, desktop, and mobile applications when online or offline) when available.

In short, its a must web based tool for people who like to play with images and bring their unique insight to the way the images should look.

There’s also a ‘feedback’ option where you can ask your queries regarding its usage or write your response after trying this tool.

Our Rating 3.5/5 |

About was created by Microsoft Live Labs, the same folks who brought you Photosynth and Pivot. is a free service for viewing and sharing high-resolution imagery. You give us the link to any image on the web, and we give you a beautiful new way to experience it — along with a nice short URL.

How is Useful ?

We think every image on the web should be a beautiful, high-resolution one. gets us one step closer to that vision, and Deep Zoom keeps the experience fast and buttery smooth.

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