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June 28, 2009 View your Documents online

Fed up of installing software for viewing your document? Most of the times when you want to work on different system you need to install software to open and read or edit your document which is very irritating. Also different kinds of documents require different kinds of software to be installed in order to read them. Also when you receive some document from your friend but you don’t have required software to open that document.

To avoid all these problems head towards which allow you to read many kind of documents online without the need of installing any software for it thereby reducing the load on the system.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

Viewing of documents is very easy on this site. Just upload the document you want to see and click on view document. The document will be uploaded and opened online which you can also share it online with other people.


ViewDocsOnline allows you to open and read most common type of documents without the need of installing any software to open it. This website is most useful on the system where there is no software installed to view these documents. This website supports many most common types of documents which are pdf, ps, doc, docx, xls, xlxs, ppt, pptx, pps, odt, odp, sxw, sxi etc. The user can open document from anywhere whether it is from their pc or an online document. The user can also share the documents online through different ways like email, forums etc and also embedding is supported. The user also has the facility to convert its document into pdf format.

Editor’s View

ViewDocsOnline is a good web portal that allows you to open and read documents online. Its simple interface makes it very easy to use. Also it does not increase load on the system. But the problem with it is that it supports limited number of formats and also like its not possible to have software on every system similarly it’s also not possible to have internet connection on every system. But if the system does have the internet connection then it is a very useful site.


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