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July 14, 2012

Search For Travel Search With Visual Maps And Information

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Most of you like to travel across the world to explore the new places and know more about those places, well I too like to visit and explorer new places across the world. But when you looking to visit a new place you must wanna do full fledge search regarding the place, AirLine, Hotels and so on.

If you wont look for these things then you might have to face problems later on. To search for all these you can either refer to lots of sites which might include your Travel Agent web site, hotel industry web portal and so on.

Flocations is an nice online tool which allows you to search for all your destinations around the globe in a nice visual way, it make search on the basis of money available to you, just enter the money you had to spend and then it will shows all flights and hotel in your budget.


Once you visit the site it will ask a destination from where you wanna travel, just provide your location and then it will show all places where you can go within your budget, you can increase or decrease budget. All trip shown are round trip means it includes fair of UP and DOWN. You can select your favorite currency as it supports lots of currency like New Zealand Dollar, Indian Rupee, USD, Hong Kong Dollar and so on.

Once it shows all destinations which can be reached out, click any of them and you will be able to see hotels there, you can filter your search as per rating, prices and so on, photos of that place and not only this you can book Flights and Hotels right from there too.


The site only show 2 months of data from the aforementioned carriers and only the top rated hotel and they also only shows flights details of AirAsia, JetStar, and Tiger Airways for now, but they are adding more soon.

Its an free service and don’t required any registration from you, but you can register if you wanna save your destinations info and wanna look later on, if you wanna keep updated with latest prices then also you can register on it.


The site is still in progress and it wont show details from all destinations which are listed in it, I had made couple of searched from India but had bad luck 🙁

For more info take a look at the video below :-

Visit Site :- Flocations

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