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August 7, 2009 – Visual Search For Amazon, Youtube and Ebay

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Vizzl is a data visualization tool that uses animation and customizable filters to ensure a highly visual, enjoyable and intuitive search process. It was created by Heiko Weichter and Deliotte Australia because they believed that the journey of finding information is as important as destination.

These days they have access to infinite amount of information. As a result they have the power to make highly educated decisions around the products and services they require. Vizzl’s customized filters, animation and use of visual objects combine to provide enjoyable, smooth, intuitive and simple search process.

This process ensures that you quickly locate the products you desire, building a positive perception of the company’s brand along the way. Thus, think of this service as a well trained and intuitive shop assistant, who quickly helps you locate the desired product you need.

There are many reasons why a company needs a product like this – vizzl:

1. Do I have a reasonably large range of products, services or data?
2. Can I present all this visually?
3. Can I segment and categorize these using a a range of filters like price, color, functionality, etc.

If you can answer these questions as NO, then don’t worry as this service can easily provide you with all you need and make your answer a YES.

Also this service provides an excellent opportunity for businesses. Vizzl is a perfect interface between your customers and your data. Whether it’s you in-store touch screen, e commerce platform, or software application, it can give you the point of difference you desire.

This service provides the perfect interfaces for your:

1. Product catalogues
2. Trading platforms
3. Image galleries
4. Online music and DVD stores
5. Social networks
6. Employee directories
7. Online dating services
8. Home theatre systems
9. Game consoles
10. In- store touch screen consoles
11. Personal media manager

Thus this service is a complete solution to all your business requirements and can really help in building and improving your businesses.


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