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September 14, 2011

Wallpaper Manager : Auto Change Wallpapers In Windows XP And Windows Vista

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Almost all of us change our Windows theme regularly to get new and fresh feel on desktop, many of us change our desktop’s wallpaper frequently so that they can get new look every time, if you are using Windows 7 then you can set wallpaper to change automatically after set time.

But what if you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista? you have to change your desktop wallpaper manually to get fresh look, if you want to change your wallpaper after a set time and want a new and lovely look on of desktop then you can use Color Desker.


Color Desker is a free and portable utility which allows you to change your desktop wallpaper after a set time like 10 min, 15 min or whatever you want to set on it.You never need to update this utility all you need to is an internet connection which allows it to download new and exciting wallpapers from internet for you.

Color Desker will download and apply wallpapers which best suit your screen resolution, even if you having and old monitor then also you will get perfect resolution wallpaper on your desktop.

You can even mark any wallpaper as Love or Hate and your next wallpaper will be selected on this basis.You can even use shortcut Ctrl + Shift + W to get a fresh look, no matter what application you are running, it will change you wallpaper.

Features Of Color Desker :-

  • The actual wallpapers are taken by professional photographers from all over the world and really gorgeous. You can see name of the real author in status bar when you hover over any wallpaper!
  • Ability to set Automatic Time for changing wallpapers. Options available currently are, every 5, 10, 15 minutes or 1 hour. You can disable automatic change as well (manual mode).
  • Wallpapers are grouped by date they are published. So, a new wallpaper always shows up on top!
  • Global Hotkey : No matter which application you are in, Ctrl + Shift + W will give your desktop a new and colorful look!
  • Ability to run Color Desker automatically on Startup.
  • You can mark the wallpapers you Love/Hate. Color Desker will intelligently choose your next wallpaper depending on your taste.
  • Ability to filter wallpapers, you have marked as “Loved” ones! (Ctrl + L to view your loved wallpapers)
  • Ability to filter wallpapers, loved by other Color Desker users! (Ctrl + P to view most popular wallpapers)
  • Color Desker supports ALL landscape resolutions! Which means even if your machine has some odd OR unpopular screen resolution, Color Desker will get the best and optimized wallpaper for your desktop!
  • Ability to list wallpapers which are least seen on your desktop! (Ctrl + 0 to see all least used wallpapers) So, you get your desktop always new and fresh!
  • Automatic Software Updates! You don’t even have to check for updates.You just run the software and it will update itself to make sure you are always running the latest version!
  • Low footprint, so application keeps running from your status bar and always feeds you with fresh wallpapers.

Download Color Desker

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