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August 16, 2011

"Recawl" Automatically Save Your Web History

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There are many situations when we made search for something and find it but didn’t bookmark it, then after some days when we try to visit same website we were unable to recall its name or address.

Or if you make very frequent searches around the web then you might fell it difficult to remember all names or if you bookmark them then you will end with large list of websites which sites on your toolbar or you can say bookmark bar.

Recawl is a search engine for your web history, it index all pages which you visit and when you want to know what you had visited last week then just make a simple search over the Recawl and it will tell you.

Currently Recawl is only available as Google Chrome extension, To use it you need to make a account on Recawl so that all your searches are sync at one place.


Recawl allows you to do search the content of pages you’ve visited. The Recawl Chrome extension runs in the background indexing every page you visit so there’s no need to bookmark anything and your browsing history is immediately searchable.Your recawl history is stored and indexed remotely so you can search it from anywhere.

The best part of this extension is that it does not require any kind of that from your part all you need to do is install it and then login with your account and your are done, rest of the job will be done by it..

You can also tell Recawl not to index pages from a particular site or a host, just visit Recawl’s site and then add domains which you wanna block or unblock already blocked ones.

So if you forget your search’s which you had made sometime back then you must install this extension on your Google Chrome and always remember all your search’s and access them from anywhere.

Visit Site :- Recawl

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