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August 4, 2011

What Makes HTML5 So Important For Mobile Web Development?

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HTML 5 is the new standard for mobile browsing. It is the fastest, easiest, and surest way to ensure that your application is compatible on every type of mobile device. The apps and websites coded in the programming language are the easiest way to get your products seen by the biggest possible audience.

What are some of the key elements for mobile web application development?

Offline support is one of the key features built into it. Mobile developers can store things locally on the actual device, and this will stop interruptions that affect the ability of someone to get work done. Canvas and video is another feature set that allows you to add graphics and video to a page without plugins. HTML 5 is actually supported by the phone’s hardware on many devices like the iPhone. This is a great way to get media onto a page. GeoLocation API is often used alongside with it. This programming language also makes it easier for the browser to handle more of the work. There are several hybrid application frameworks that use HTML 5 to create interactive experiences. Phone Gap and Titanium Mobile are two examples. HTML 5 adoption is being driven by the need of mobile.

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Gmail is an example of an app that relies on it to provide a rich interactive experience, and there is no need for apps and stores to get it to work. The whole idea of apps and stores is out of touch with the abilities of HTML 5. HTML 5 is the savior of the mobile platform. It is a great way to deploy multiple devices instantly without the app store. All you have to do is point at a URL, and it’s installed. Apps can be installed from a URL instead of an app store, and so there is a larger market for developers to work with it. There is a greater responsiveness of native apps, however.

Video, audio, and animation are now usable within the mobile phone browser instead of using Flash. Content is then viewable automatically on any device, tablet, or phone without having to go through a slow process such as the app store or making it available on numerous platforms all at once. More and more people are using the mobile web, and there are faster wireless connection speeds, higher Wi-Fi access, and more choices in streaming content, and the social network is also contributing. It is native on all mobile browsers. Developing for the mobile web is definitely a good idea, even before you go through the app store. This is the signature language to develop on any mobile device. The iPhone and Android have adopted most of the specifications. Opera Mini supports around 10% of HTML 5 standards. IE Mobile 6.0 doesn’t have hardly any support for it The important thing is that all the major browsers for the mobile experience support HTML 5.

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