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June 3, 2009 Get All Your IP Address Information is a website that provides all the information about your Internet Protocol (IP) address. Each device connected to internet is assigned a exclusive number which is called a IP address. The IP address is an identity for a system .

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It is assigned to a system by the Internet Service Provider (ISPs). Two types of IP addresses are assigned by the ISPs-Static and dynamic.

This website provides the user’s IP address. It also provides the information about how to change the IP address. Different methods of changing the IP address with their procedures are incorporated in this site.

Use of proxy servers are described in this site to hide the IP address of the system. Details of different proxy servers like Transparent proxy, Anonymous Proxy, Distorting Proxy and High Anonymity Proxy are available on this site.

Following IP address related tools (without any charge) are provided by this site:
1. Lookup IP: It provides the estimated physical location (country, state, and city) about the device. It is used to track an IP address
2. Trace Email: It provides the information about the source IP address of an email based on the headers of the email.
3. Traceroute: It provides the path information from our server to the requested IP address.
4. Visual Traceroute: This just provides the visual or graphical information about the traceroute.
5. IP to Hostname: This tool provides the hostname of an IP address.
6. Hostname to IP address: This tool provides IP address of the hostname.
7. Proxy Tester: It is used to check whether any information is leaked when the proxy server is used.
8. Blacklist Check: It will check to see if your IP address is listed with more than 100 DNSbl’s (DNS based anti-spam databases)

This website is very useful in case of tracking and banning a device from a forum. This can be done with the help of its IP address. The user can also register on this website and can ask about their queries.This site can be really helpful to curb cyber crime.


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  1. This is a good site to use. I also use because it looks quickly. However, has more information. also has an area to perform a test for proxy servers which can be very useful if you are using a proxy and want to know if it can be detected.

    Comment by Change IP — June 4, 2009 @ 9:07 am

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