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June 14, 2009 – Know Who Is Reading Your Mails

WhoReadMe is a service that provides you the service to track your recipient’s mail box by telling you know whether your email is being read by the recipients, forwarded to other people or just deleted even without reading.

It helps people to see whether the recipient is interested in your mails or not.

Nowadays email has been a very prominent means of communication among the people specially people who are living far off from each other. It is the cheapest and an efficient way of communication. But using this people can easily ignore you by not replying to your mails and you keep on waiting for their reply and most of the time the recipient says that they have not received your mail.

Procedures to use this Site

  1. Sign up for the website.
  2. Compose a new email and send it to the person you want to.
  3. Check the tracker to see the status of your mail.


WhoReadMe is a web portal that allows users to see the status of the mail sent by them. This is a free web portal and it is free for lifetime. It provides 5 email credits per day for the user which can be used to send a particular email to multiple recipients as initially only 5 recipients can be sent a particular email. Also unlimited number of attachments can be made but with the restriction to attach files with .exe extension. A simple easy to use HTML editor is used to compose and send emails.

It also allows showing various time formats and shows accurate time at which mail is sent and read by the recipient. It shows all the information from recipients ip address to their operating system and their location in world map. Instant notification is provides when the email is read by the recipient and allows you to import your address book from your valid email account.

Editor’s View

WhoReadMe is a great web portal that can be used by the sender to know the status of the email sent by him. It allows him to know the location of the recipient and also see whether the recipient is ignoring him or not. But this web portal poses a great security threat especially for the recipient as anyone can track the ip address of the recipient and may cause problems.


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