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January 11, 2010 – Find Similar Words

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Not able to find about some word in your traditional dictionaries , what to do? Go for WordsLike is something more than the Dictionary. You must be wondering how? The dictionaries are very often limited to just nouns, adjectives and verbs. They will not give the information about each and every thing, for say, name of a famous personality from history like ‘Adolf Hitler’. You will not find anything about this words in any dictionary, be it Oxford, Longman or any other brand name for that case.

But with WordsLike, you type ‘Adolf Hitler’ in its search bar and here comes the result in the following format:-

"Similar Words to Adolf Hitler:

Der Fuhrer

Definitions of Adolf Hitler:

1. German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)"

Features Of WordsLike :

  • very easy to use- Just type in a word or a phrase and Words Like will come up with a list of related words and their corresponding definitions.
  • prevents you of the cumbersome task of looking into the dictionary for meanings or definitions for various words and phrases.
  • clear cut distinction between the exact definition of the word/words and the words similar to them.
  • storehouse for endless number of words and phrases

WordsLike seems to be a clear winner in its respective area of service.

Our rating 4.5 / 5 | Visit

About is a free service that allows you to find words and phrases that are similar or related to each other.

How Is useful?

a list of related words and their corresponding definitions is just a click away with this online tool. All one needs to do is just type the words/phrases in the search bar and click the ‘Find Similar Words’ option just to its right. And it is done.

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