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June 15, 2009

Workspace – Free Online Integrated Project Management Tool

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Workspace is a web site that provides you with the web service of an integrated project management for software development. Their managed project hosting provides issue tracking, source code control, document sharing, and project planning features to help teams communicate – all at an affordable price. Workspace is also integrated with Active State Programmers Network (ASPN), providing your team with a variety of free and commercial resources.

During the Workspace Beta, all accounts are FREE! After the beta, you can continue to enjoy a free level of service, or upgrade to a paid account. So just register with it and Login to create your own free project.

This site has many new features which give it an edge over others like:

1. Instantly streamline your software development process. You get
*source code hosting
*version control
* issue tracking
* project management
* blogs, forums, and wikis
* and more, all fully integrated for optimal workflow.

2. Why spend days researching, installing, and configuring your environment? Workspace comes ready to use. Even if you’re not familiar with version control or issue-tracking systems, you’ll quickly become more productive.

3. It’s your choice. Share your code, or keep it private and secure. License your software the way you want. You control who has access to what. Even customize the workflow if you want.

4. Collaborate with an unlimited number of contributors and users. It’s all online, so it’s ideal for connecting local and remote teams. Flexible pricing plans fit individual developers or teams of any size.
These all features makes this site worth using.

If you try or use Workspace, and decide to move to a different system in the future, you can take your data with you! This site’s backups are Trac and PostgreSQL-compatible, making it easy to keep your intellectual property.

Also , If the amount of data you have fits within their free level then they will continue to archive it. However, if you no longer subscribe to the Workspace paid service, they will archive your data for 30 days after your subscription expires and then the data will be deleted.


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