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September 16, 2011

Write Your Message To Convey Via Telephonic Robotic Call

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In the last two decades, the whole concept of communication has changed. What more? even the definition of communication as in various dictionaries have changed. Remember the old archaic times when letters were exchanged between two people.

As we entered the late nineteenth century and hit the early twentieth century, Sir Alexander Graham Bell gave us the telephone. Another fifty to sixty years hence, mobile phone was invented that wholly changed the concept of mobile communication. And finally came the internet which is widely used to exchange e-mails between two or more parties.

Imagine what would it like be to combine two of the greatest technologies mankind has invented, that is, the mobile phone and the internet. To put it in contextual terms, without speaking on phone you would still communicate with the other person. Well, are you getting ideas, as to how you will chat with your girlfriend while still in the middle of your calculus class? SpeakForMe is a unique app, in that it allows users to communicate with another person by simply typing in your words via keyboard. A robotic voice (male/female) would translate those written words into audible words and hence convey your message.

There are various languages available such as English, French, German and Spanish. You can choose your language by clicking on the desired language. Coming to how to use this service, you just have to type the phone number and write words (which is your message) in the space provided. The service is currently new and is still being developed, so the time limit is 3 minutes. You don’t have to sign-up nor do you have to pay anything for using this service. So go ahead and use this app and let us know your views.

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