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September 9, 2010

Your Online Personal Life Search Engine –

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Are you registered on almost all the social networking sites, kind of, you name it and I am there, phenomena? Have you felt that you are losing track of your own information, considering the string of social portals you take immense pride in being a part of? If yes, you need the most, when you are hard pressed on time and need to get your very own personal information from all possible online sources at one place right away in few flying seconds.

Greplin is your online personal life search engine which makes a lot of sense now when we have our online profiles floating around on so many social and professional forums. It like the desktop search Spotlight where you search for a word or phrase and Spotlight will go through your entire hard drive looking for matching files and documents.

You need to register on the website and authorize it to search through a range of platforms where your data is spread like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Voice, Dropbox, Gmail to name a few. Both private and public data can be searched by running a query.

Some key features of this innovative out-of-the box search engine are:

  • It works with nearly every computer, browser and mobile device in the market.
  • Greplin uses OAuth and other APIs for authorization, so they never see your third party credentials.
  • It is up to 1,000 times faster than Gmail search.
  • It offers free services for most of the search. A fee is charged for more features like searching within attachments.

Use Greplin and make your search for personal data faster!!


Our Rating 3.5/5 |


“The Search bar for your life”

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It’s a useful search engine for people who need personal data spread across the web at one place in a jiffy!!

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