Internet helps us all to find anything, no matter what you looking for, you will get results once you enter your query. There are lots of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and so on which provided lots of results as per your query.

You just need to enter your keywords and you will get results instantly. But many times we couldn’t get what we are looking for, here is a Real Time search engine, RTBot.Net which allows you to perform some real time search for your topic.

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20 Sep, 2012  |  Written by  |  under Online Tools

Lots of time we had images or photos of some occasion like wedding, picnic or so on that we want to resize or crop them, there are lots of desktop clients which can do this work for you very easily. But downloading and installing them might take time.

And some time they are not user friendly too, What if you can resize or crop your images online without using any software, Cropp.Me is an free online web service which allows you too crop your images on the go.

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Money matter a lot to every one, every one wants to save his hard earning and for this you must need to make a tracking sheeting which allows you to track all your revenues and expenditures which you had made.

There are some desktop tools which can do this work for you but if you are looking for an online app so that you can use it from anywhere then say hello to Hisab Kitab, its an online web service which allows you to track expenses online.

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India is a country of festivals and occasions, here in India you will find festivals almost every months and sometime there are more than 2 festivals in the same month. We love to give gifts on festivals or occasions, like you might wanna gift something to your sister on her birthday.

But main problem arise when you don’t know what to gift her, you might select a dress but don’t know whether your sis will love color or not, it’s a very common problem while selecting a gift, you fear whether other will love it or not, But here is a service Badhai.In, which allows you to send gift vouchers to other so that they can select their gift by their own.
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11 Sep, 2012  |  Written by  |  under Online Tools

Twitter is one of the most used social networking website out there. Lots of people use this micro blogging platform to share their day to day happening with other. many people wants to make backup of their tweets which they had shared with world because they know anything can happen if their account is compromised then they might lost all tweets.

Many of you make backup of tweets just for fun, reason may vary from person to person but fi you too interested in backing up your tweets then here is simple to use web tool.

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Twitter is an nice place to share what’s is in your mind, many people share lots of things on it, some share business related news, and some of you might share your personal life details. But after some time you might realize that you had made mistake by sharing those personal stuffs on this popular micro blogging site.

You can delete those tweet by pressing Delete button but if you had lots of tweets then you are in trouble. You might think of deleting account but no need for it as here are some online tools which allows you to delete your tweets very easily.

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