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August 16, 2012

Create Follow Button And Vanity URL For Instagram

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Instagram is a huge hit in iphone circles as the most commonly used photo sharing applications. Not to be left behind are a lot of third party applications which enhance your Instagram experience, now that it has become a household name. These web-based applications provide add-on features; ride on the success of established apps and create a win-win situation for the existing popular app, itself and not to forget the end user.

Followgram is a simple tool which allows the users to create a customized Follow Button, just the way you like it and a Vanity URL for all the Instagram fans. If you are scratching your head and trying to understand what this Instagram is and why there is so much hype about it. Here are some insights into one of the coolest iPhone app. We all love our pictures, and this app just helps you transform any picture taken on iPhone. You can give it an altogether new appearance to an otherwise dull photo and then share it with the world on Flickr, Twitter and ofcourse, Facebook! Without any ado, go and create an instagram account right away!


August 15, 2012

Get Connected To Other Users On Same Wi Fi Network

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‘Think globally and act locally’ is the order of the day. This dictum not only helps in business but also in social networking. It is easier to meet people in person and build a stronger bond when you know that they are somewhere in the vicinity. Add to this the wi-fi network to which we all are almost always connected and the jigsaw puzzle automatically gets solved. A lethal connection of social and wi-fi connection is our site of today- wifis!!

Wifis is a very innovative and first-of-its-kind web portal which allows users to connect with all the people using the same wireless network. Normally reactions and responses are a lot more positive and forthcoming when there is a possibility of meeting the people you talk to. Based on this guiding principle, Mathias Nitzsche has developed this site.


June 20, 2012

Sync and Edit Documents in Cloud

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In traditional office system employees work on file system and their work is assign by their superiors by in written too. Many time in this system we get work delayed or manager were not able to assign work and track the work done by its employees.

Oogwave is a nice online platform where employees, manager and all can be in touch and work more efficiently. Anyone can register on it, it’s a free service which provide unlimited storage to you, means you can transfer any number of files on your server without being fear of shortage of memory.


June 6, 2012

Create Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Image In Seconds

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The magic of Facebook continues. This social media platform keeps reinventing itself to the delight of its users. Recently, Facebook came up with a new avatar and a complete makeover with its timeline feature. A complete cover photo of your choice adorns the homepage of your favourite website. The response from the users has so far been overwhelming.

Banking on the huge success timeline feature is expected to witness; a host of new apps have come up to help in creating a cover which becomes the talk of the town. TimelineCoverBanner is the site of the day for an enviable banner which speaks about you. It also unravels your creativity by providing you with a canvas and graphics.


May 4, 2012

Share Social Networking Messages In Future- Even After You Are Dead !

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We all use social networking like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Google+ and so onsite to stay in touch with our friends or family member, these sites allows use to share whatever is in our mind with our friends, we can share videos, text, photos links and lots more very easily.

But sometime many of you want to leave behind some messages which can sent to your friend after your death, it could be anything like you wanna say sorry, wanna share something with him and so on. In that case you could use a new online web service DeadSocial.


April 26, 2012

Travel Social Networking- Connect With Friends Or Make New Friends While Travelling

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We all have lots of friends, some are online and some are offline, like you may have hundreds of friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut and so on and some of your friends must be travelling from one place to other due to business or office work or as per his or her personal work.

If you travel alone then it’s a pain because you might get bored on whole travel and just read out some old boring books or listen hundred time listened songs, what if you could travel along with your friend and turn your boring tour into an exiting one.


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