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Nowadays QR codes are very much famous on internet, QR code allows you to say what you want to say with your readers or visitors, QR codes are highly portable and you can post them almost anywhere and you visitors need to pick their smartphone and then scan that code and that’s it, your message will appear on their phone. Today we will tell you how to Create QR Codes With Your Image

We had already shared lots of tools which allows you to create QR codes but most of them allows you to create a traditional black and white QR codes, but what about a QR code which lets you design code with customizing the whole layout, like background color, foreground color or even you can use your photo as background in it.

QR Hacker is a nice online web app which allows you to make colorful QR codes, the web service is very easy to use and navigate. To get started with it first visit the web site from the below link, once you open web site you will that on the center you will see QR code and both side some tool which allows you to customize it.

Now select your Input type, there are lots of type like Text, Link, vCard, Phone Number and WiFi Access (Only for Android), Then add the details according to your input type below, once you had added all information, now its time to get it customize.

Create QR Codes With Your Image

First click on Generate button, once your QR code is generate, come to right side and you can select whether you want traditional QR code or you want it in a round pixel. The you can select you background, here you had 2 choices, either you can use a solid color like red, yellow, blue or any of your choice or you can go for your photo as background. Now you had lots of choice for foreground too, You can go for a solid color, edit pixel by pixel, use your photo or even you can add your logo to it. Once you had generated your QR code do check it before publishing it, as due to image and customization you had done, it might not work properly. You can publish your QR code to public gallery and download it as PNG image or as PDF file.

[ Visit Site :- QR Hacker ]

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