Decode QR Code Without Camera Scanning In Google Chrome

23 May, 2012  |  Written by  |  under Online Tools

Nowadays QR Codes are widely used in smartphones, they are very simple and easy to share, and you can also very easily decode them, just out your smartphone above it and your phone will read it and then decode it and you will get whatever the content is in it.

But what if you get a QR code in your computer and you are in hurry and you wont be able to read it via you smartphone, then you will ask a simple question, is it possible to read QR codes without smartphones ?

Well actually yes, to read QR codes in your computer all you need is Google Chrome web browser and a extension QRreader beta, it’s the extension which decoded the QR code for you, and it can be done very easily right from your right click menu or you can say from your context menu.

To get started you need to download and install it and then open any QR code and to decode it just right click on it and select the option Read QR Code from the Image, and then it will decode it. If it find any URL in the QR cod then it will open it in new tab.


It it find any text in QR code then it will be shown in a pop up box, you can click on OK to copy that text into the clipboard.

Well this is a quite new and innovative service because we had seen lots of QR Code generator for mobile phone and for computer too, you had also seen lots of QR code decode or scanner for mobile phone too but I think this is the first QR Code decoder for computer yet.

Install Google Chrome Extension :- QRReader Beta

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