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February 3, 2012

Highlight Content, Text, Images or Video on Webpage & Export To Google Docs As Word Document

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If you are a student or work in a office then you must highlight on your Notes, Books, or files some sentences or paragraph so that you can easily recognize it later when you again refer that portion in future and work more easily.

But what when you are working on a project using your computer, as nowadays we hardly refer any books, if we wanna work on a project or wanna do research on a topic then we directly open your computer and visit search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo or so on to find the relevant data for us.

But when you start writing your project then you might miss some points, so in that case Citelighter is the best tool for you, in simple words you can say Citelighter is the online highlighter for web pages.

You can select and highlight portion of web page and then you can save that note on your online book. To get started using it, you need to download and install Citelighter Mozilla Firefox add on and then you have to make a account on it.

Once you are done with account, you will see citelighter toolbar, first you need to make a Book where you will save your projects notes, just create it and then visit pages where you will find information’s regarding your project’s topic.


Select the portion you wanna highlight and then click on Capture on citelighter toolbar, Citelighter will generate most of the citation for the page like web page, Author, Web Page Title, and so on, if not generated then you can edit it.

After saving lots of information on your online book then you can save it online or can export it to your computer in MS Word format or you can either export to your Google account too.

Before exporting you can view what you can saved, you can arrange your facts that you had collected to far, you can also add comments to your different facts, you can also change the Fonts of your citation to give a better look to them.

You can also email your hard work to your friends or can share your work with your friends on Facebook. You can anytime click on Home button to visit your online book self or where your all work is kept.

As these files are kept on the cloud then you can visit them from any other computer and start your work any time.

For more info please take a look at the video below :-


Citelighter How-to Video from saad alam

Company is planning to release Chrome and Safari Add-On’s too.

Visit Site :- Citelighter

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