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March 17, 2012

Make Movie Of Facebook Timeline Events, Photos

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Facebook is a nice place to share your thoughts and events which you had done with your friends and family members, Facebook has lots of users and every user want to upload his photos, videos and update his status with latest happening in their life, if you took Facebook as a country then you will find it as worlds 3 largest country after China and India.

As Facebook has lots of users then everyday you will find lots of apps on web which allows you to make your Facebook profile more interesting and interactive. Here is a web service which allows you to create a video from your Facebook Timeline.

Timeline is the new feature which has been rolled out by the Facebook some time back to its users. TimeLineMovieMaker allows you to create a short video from your Facebook timeline, if you haven’t got timeline then to use this web app you need to upgrade your account and install Timeline from HERE.


Once you had timeline just visit the site from below link and then click on big button says Make Your Movie,once you click on that button, then you will be asked to login to your Facebook account and then grant access to your profile.


Once you link your Facebook profile then it will fetch all your information from your profile and then put it in a short video which will be played with a nice sound track.


You can replay your video or share it with your Facebook friends, or you had the option to edit your movie, you can replace the sound track used in it, you will get option of choosing from 5 different soundtrack like Original, Nostalgic, Cinematic, Romantic and Playful.

You can also replace any of the photo used in your video with other, to replace you need to click the photo and as you click on a photo a new pic will come up and you need to click until you get your favorite photo, once you had all things just click on Remake Video and your new video will be created.

I had personally tested this web app and found some error like at present it wont allows you to download or embedded video to your web site or blog, and this app wont work on Opera and Apple Safari, but its working very fine on Google Chrome, IE and Mozilla Firefox.

Visit Site :- TimelineMovieMaker

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