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May 25, 2012

Manage Workflow Smoothly With Free Online Task Management Tool

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Nowadays we all are busy in our works and often forget to do something so its good to organize your work in a effective way, there are lots of tools on internet which lets you organize your work in effective and easy way so that you will be able to use it.

WorkFlowy is an easy to use service which allows you to make task and notes very easily, the design of this web service is very minimal. You need to make a account on WorkFlowy, once you had an account on it you will be able to use it.

You can click on New Item to begin and adding new Task, once you had added a new task then you can also add sub task to it and more task into, once you had task you can write notes for those task so that you can easily recognize and get an idea about the task.

You can easily drag and drop each notes, you can simply drag notes to arrange according to there priorities, you can even drag and drop one task into another one.

When one task is completed you can mark them as complete and you will find a cross mark over it or even you can hide your completed task from showing on the page.image

You can even export your notes/ task by clicking on export button, it gives you option to export it as a plain or formatted text.

You can even share your notes on your social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, when you click on Share button you will get a link which you can share with your friends and they can see your list.

You need to note that each list or sub list get its own sharing  URL so that you can easily share one of them with your friends.

Visit Site :- WorkFlowy

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