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March 1, 2012

Multiple Useful Web Services On Single Website [1DLUS]

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We all use to browse internet for lots of content, and while looking for those contents we use several service like YouTube, News, Image hosting and lots of others. To use these service you need to make account on several websites, like you need to make a account for images hosting website, one with news service and so on, What’s if you can access all these service’s with just one account and at one place?

1DL.US is a nice online web service which allows you to use lots of service under one website, This website is still in beta phase and lots of other features will be added soon.

To get started with this service you need to go and make a free account on it, it will not take any of your information and the information which it records is your IP address and according to site it will be never shared with anyone unless required by any law.


Many times we want to share a YouTube video with our friends and ask them to watch a certain scene at so and so time, if you to wanna do this then Just provide the YouTube URL of that video and then enter the time at which you want video should start.

PC Information

It also provides you with all the technical information about your computer which you might don’t know and it could be useful if you are facing problem with it.


You can download or even email those information file very easily.

Remote Service

You might be facing some problem with your computer and want your friends help Or your friend is having problem with his computer and you wanna help him then you can use this Remote, with this you can access your friends computer by just sitting in your home and make changes in his pc.



Here you can get news from top news channel like Google News, Reddit or Digg, according to your IP address which it has collected at the time of login, it will show latest weather condition in your area and also shows you most watched video on YouTube.


Here you can either create your own chat rooms to chat with  your friends or can join the existing rooms, to join you need to select a username which is shown to others, you can also go for PopUp chat which allows you to chat in a separate window.


Pastebin is a kind of text editor where you can paste any code or something like that, it supports lots of formats like CSS, HTML Text, C, C++, Java, Java Script, PHP, Pearl, XML and so on, you can make your code secured by providing password to it.

Password Utilities


Here you can test your existing passwords strength and know whether its safe to use that password on your accounts or not, Or you can also generate a news password according to your needs like small letters, numbers, special characters and so on.

URL Shorten

Here you can short any long and lengthy URL very easily, all you need to do is paste your long URL and click on Shorten button.

Image Hosting

You can host your images here too, it will provide you a simple to use interface and after uploading your images you will get codes like direct link, forum code, thumbnail code and so on which allows you to share your images very easily.

It also provide you a disposable email address which will be valid for next 24 Hrs, you can receive mails on that address.

It also provides you with a disposable phone number but it will be provided to you if you had invite for that.

In total it’s a quite useful site with number of services at one place.

Visit Site :- 1DL.US

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