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February 1, 2012

Online Chat With No Trace To Know Your Identity Or Your Computer

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Many time we need to chat or exchange thoughts with others, like you wanna say something about your boss, teacher or someone else, but fear that if you did so on social networking like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace then others can easily track you and then you will be in big trouble.

So at that time you might wanna chat or post something without others letting you know, well in that case Whispero is a perfect place for you, it’s a online web service which allows you to share or post any message without exchanging any kind of email, phone number or name.

To get started just visited the web site and at the top right corner you will find a box, just type your word about which you wanna whisper, and then click on Whisper button, on the next page you will find some other stuffs using which you can add message, add photo and so on, once you are done just post it.

To use this web service you don’t need to register anywhere, it wont ever ask you to integrate your Google Account, Facebook Account, Twitter Account. Your personal information will be posted only when you want them to post.


Once you create a whisper then it will last for 5 days, on the page of your whisper it will show timer which will show you, after how many days or time it will expire.

You can share it with other, like your friends or on any forum web site so that others can reply to it, for this just copy and then paste the URL of your whisper or else you can also Tweet or share your own QR code which will be provided on the page.

Others or you can reply to your message with out reveling your name or anything, you can even images upto the size of 3 MB.

You can buy or take control of your whisper, with it you will get a password, your whisper can last for 10 days and you can control the replies you get.

[ Visit Site :- Whispero ]

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  1. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for finding & reviewing Whispero. We’ve made some updates since you visited, that I thought I’d let you know about.

    Whispero is now geared up for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to watch the Valentine Whispers video on our home page which explains how this works. Basically, this Valentine’s Day, for the first time ever, you can reply to your secret admirer, exchanging pictures & messages. All new whispers now last at least until 20th Feb!

    Also I wanted to point out that you cannot share links (URLS) to access whispers. The only way to use Whispero is via the actual whisper, which can be any number of words & characters.

    Regards, Andy

    About Whispero:
    Whispero, the Secret Social Network, is a simple online platform for anonymous users to stay in touch without exchanging any personal information. No user names. No accounts. No sign-up. Communicate only using shared, secret ‘whispers’. Whispers are hidden from search engines and cannot be linked to from anywhere else on the internet. Oh, and whispers don’t last forever. Shhh, don’t tell.

    Comment by Andy — February 1, 2012 @ 4:02 pm

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