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March 13, 2010

Online Social Network For Kids –

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Social Networking has come-of-age with people of all age and demographics showing keen interest in it. As concerned parents it’s natural for you to worry about the safety of your kids on the threshold of adolescence. These kids in the age group of 8-13, better addressed as “tweens” have outgrown the age of very popular ‘Webkinz’ and ‘Club Penguin’ and are still not old enough for sites like Facebook and MySpace. If you are a parent of such ‘tweenagers’ anxiously looking for “kid version of adult social networking sites”, here is a secure social network which primarily services like an excellent alternative and functions like “prep” school for Facebook and MySpace.

FaceChipz is a safe, children-oriented online social network created by parents of ‘tweens’ who were sensitive to the undesirable and socially dangerous things the vulnerable kids were getting exposed to in this digital age. FaceChipz has taken all the social implications into account and works in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

How FaceChipz works?

FaceChipz requires a face-to-face physical interaction where the kids actually exchange a Chip which looks like a poker chip with an emoticon printed on it. Each Chip has a registration code on the back. The purchaser of the Chip then registers the Chip at the website before giving it to a friend. The friend then registers the Chip at the website with the same code and it connects the two friends. The facechipz token cannot be used again as the code becomes invalid preventing it from being used by strangers.

What makes FaceChipz safe for kids?

  1. There is no Search feature for searching friends on the site. The only way to become friends is through physical exchange of chips.
  2. No advertising is allowed on the site which ensures a good check on the website content.
  3. Parents have to actually sign their kids up to use Facechipz. Behind every user account is a parent account with an option to lock it down or give them some freedom to roam.

There are other attractive features to keep the children interested like instant messaging, photo sharing, mood indicator, "Secret Message" box, listing top 11 favorite things and even a virtual store where you can send gifts to friends using points you accumulate at the site The virtual store even has animated videos. Make your “tweens” happy with this safe social ‘Chip’.

facechipz review

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“FaceChipz™ was created by parents who were concerned about how, when and where their kids were spending time on the Internet. Our “tweenagers” outgrew the traditional websites for children but weren’t yet ready for the full-fledged, open social networking experience. We created FaceChipz to address those needs.

How Is Useful?

FaceChipz helps connect your 10 year old to his friend with considerable attention given to keep off the dangers of “fringe friends".

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