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November 7, 2011

How To Reduce JPEG Image File Size Without Losing Quality?

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Images are those things which tell half of the story, all of us use to capture photos on all events, many of us use to snap pics from their mobile phone every second, in total snapping pics is fun, and later on these pics remind us those beautiful moments we spend.

If you store images on your computer then there always be a risk of hard disk failure, and then you might lose your important moments, so best way is to upload and store pics online but due to big size of pics you wont have sufficient space on your cloud hosting account.

Many times we want to mail pics to our friends but our mail provider doesn’t allows us as they are big in size, so we left with no other option rather than compressing them but in the same time we don’t want to lose quality of them.

JPEGmini is a nice web service which allows you to reduce the size of your JPEG image files upto 5 times and all this without losing the quality and resolution of your photo.


This web service is free to use and you don’t even need register or make your account on the website to use it, just visit website, upload image and then it will compress it and let you download it back.

After compressing you will be able to see how your image looks before and after compressing and you will hardly see and changes, it also tells you how much size it had reduced.

Let see what you can do after compressing your photos, You Pay Picasa $5/yr. instead of $20/yr. for the same number of photos OR Reduce your Amazon S3 photo storage and bandwidth costs by 80% OR Reduce your page load time by up to 40% OR Attach 80 photos instead of 16 photos to your GMail messages.

Now you can store more pics on your computer on the same space which you were using before.For using it you don’t need an account but if you make a free account then you will be able to store unlimited photos their, share on Picasa and Flickr and can upload your whole album at once.

Features :-

  • Reduce Cost on image hosting plans,
  • Reduce size upto 5 times,
  • Free to use,
  • No account needed for use,
  • Your website will load faster,
  • Reduce bandwidth,
  • Maintain image quality

Visit Site :- JPEGmini

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