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June 28, 2012

3 Services To Test Your Internet or Cyber Security or Privacy

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We all use internet for our day to day work, in todays fast moving life we need internet almost every time, internet has made our life simple and fast. You can pay bills, book movie or travelling tickets by just sitting in your home, but using internet is not safe too.

There are lots of threats on web which can affect you and can hurt you a lot. We always need to be alert when we are using internet because if you don’t take secure steps then you will loss important data and can suffer in big terms.

Here are some online tools which can be used to verify your online security and what you are giving for internet usage :-


If you are looking for a simple and fast forward anonymity test of your internet and web browser then you can use IP.CC tool, it do basic test for your web browser with internet and then shows the result in a very minimal and simple layout.

You don’t need to type or provide any information just visit the site and it will shows the result, The results are divided into 4 categories, Proxy Checking, Main anonymous, Additional proxy variables and Others.

Under Proxy you will see your Proxy address, Country and Type of Proxy. If you see your real proxy address then it means you are easily traceable and web sites and easily know who you are.

Under Proxy Type you will find 1 out of 4, if you got Transparent proxy, means proxy does not modify the request or response beyond what is required for proxy authentication and identification. Non-transparent proxy is a proxy that modifies the request or response in order to provide some added service to the user agent.
Anonymous Proxy server does not send HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR variable to host, this improves privacy since your IP address cannot be logged.Elite proxy does not send HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_VIA and HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION variables. Host doesn’t even know you are using proxy server and of course it doesn’t know your IP address.


HTTP Variables are the request sent by your web browser header to web sites to get web page from the server. Under Other you will see your web browser type, OS you are using, Language an so on.

This web site also provide some useful tools which can be used to know more knowledge and information. You can also run a basic test on which you will get result on a plan interface, good if you are on slow internet connection.

Visit Site :- IP.CC

Rating :- 3/5


If you wanna make detailed investigation of what your web browser sharing with internet then you can use this tool. It not only tells you what you are giving but also shows recommendations to correct those lope holes in your web browser or security.

You need to visit the web site from below link and then click on the Start Test link to start your anonymity test, within few seconds you will get results. Results are nicely placed and it will show your IP address with Traceroute option, you will see from which region you belongs or your IP address belongs, WHOIS, and Reverse option.

Below you will see some more options like Cookies are allowed or not, whats you web browser, whats your internal IP address, which version of flash is installed, how many fonts are there installed, Time zone and lots more.


It will mark each section in different color, Red ones need your attention, just hover your mouse on any of the option and you will get more information on it. It also rate them as Good or Bad. To use this web site you need to have Java installed on your computer.

Visit Site :- IP-CHECK

Rating ;- 4.5/5


If you want to make test on minimal site which can provide lots of information then this site is for you, its quite simple and easy to use web site, there are no images which makes it fast and quite responsive.

When you visit web site you will get results in front of you, results will be divided in two section, Client Side, which tells what your browser and system giving away and other section is of HTTP Headr, which shows what your web browser will send to any web site.

Under client side section you will see all plugins which you had installed and in what sense web sites can use them to track you or do things in your system. Next to each plugins you will find a sign which shows whether its Dangerous for you to use that plugin or not.


On the other side under HTTP you will see your IP address, HTTP levels or version and what they send and get to/ from web sites. In this section you can see your IP address, if you see your real IP address then it means that either you are not using a proxy, or the proxy is non-transparent.

Visit Site :- Test.Anonymity

Rating :- 4/5

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