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July 12, 2012

Top 3 Free Online And Anonymous Proxy Services

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Many times we are surfing some thing on internet which takes us to a web page or web site but don’t load and it throws an error that this site has been blocked by your ISP or government, as recently India Government has blocked lots of Torrent web sites.

Or you could be in Office or School/ College and wanna open your favorite web site to read latest news but you find that Administrator has already put restriction on your surfing. Or a case that you don’t wanna reveal your identity on internet and wanna surf anonymously so that no one can track you back.

Well to solve all 3 problems stated above you can use an web proxy service which allows you to surf the internet anonymously and web site which you are visiting wont be able trace you, So here are some useful online web proxies for you :-

Secure Surf

Secure Surf is an online web proxy which allows you to surf web anonymously and you can view censored and restricted contents without any problem. The interface of this web service is very simple and sleek, once you visit the site it will ask URL which you wanna surf, just enter the URL of web site and press Enter button,

Within few seconds it will load your web page, it comes with some nice option which gives extra benefit to you, like if you don’t wanna leave any trace of your computer the you can encode the URL and page too so that if you are sharing computer then no one will know what you had surfed.


Cookies are small text based contents which are stored on your computer by your web browser which tell you browsing history, you can also disable cookies from it. If you are on slow internet connection then you can ask SecureSurf to not load any Java Script and object while loading web page.

If you are using it with cookies enabled because if you disable cookies then some site wont work, so in that case it allows you to clear cookies with just one click. While testing I found that site is not loading all pages properly and even some time its server was down which cause me problem to use it.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- SecureSurf


SiteSurf is another web tool which allows you to hide your identity while surfing internet, the design of this site is minimal too but it has some ads which makes site a little heavy while loading.

The site is quite fast and loads web pages very quickly, using this you can access any block web sites without any problem, another thing which I like about this site is that it works on IPv6, the latest version of Internet Protocol.


All URL or web pages entered by you are encoded so that no one can know which site you had visited even after looking into history. While surfing web pages it automatically removes scripts and Google Ads from the web pages which makes loading of pages fast.

There is no advance option or so on available on this service which restrict you from doing more to protect your privacy on internet.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- Site Surf


KickMyAss is an nice web service which protects your online activity in great way, it provide so many option to you which helps you to hide your identity fully and can surf anonymously any blocked or restricted site very easily.

It comes with 2 option, you can either surf web anonymously using simple web protocol or you can use Secure, HTTPS, web protocol if you are surfing some secure site. HTTPS protocol might take time in loading as compare to simple one.

It do comes with some more advance options which make it more useful and secure web proxy, it allows you to select a server from which you wanna surf web anonymously, you can either leave it as Random server or select the server which is near to your location, nearest server allows you to surf web faster.

If you select an server then it also allows you to select particular IP address from which you can use it, it also allows you to either encode or encrypt URL which you are visiting. If you encode URL then if someone look your internet history and click on link then he will know what web site you had visited, but it can be useful as you can bookmark them and visit the in future.


On the other hand Encrypted URL cant be visited by anyone as they expired after a fix interval and no one can know which web site you had visited, but it take time to load as it put load on CPU. It also allows you to select whether you wanna load JavaScript’s and Flash items, as these items took time on loading and make your web slow so if you don’t wanna load then you can disable them.


It comes with some other services like Anonymous email, Anonymous Uploading service which allows you to upload any file with size upto of 400 MB. Overall its an nice web service which provide some good options without charging a single penny from you.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- HideMyAss

Some More Sites :-

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