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February 20, 2010 – Create Summary Of Your Video

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Vidinotes is a new web-based tool for all the people who are crazy about online videos. People who wish to extensively use videos for information and learning and not just merely for entertainment will totally fall in love with this tool. The application allows you to capture different images from any FLV video and create an instant graphic summary for quick reference in futures. If you are a YouTube addict and find it difficult to keep track of all your favorite videos and just the “Bookmark” option does not help, then this application is just what you need to make the best out of videos.

The application is fairly simple to use and involves no rocket science knowledge. A simple 3 step process will help you summarize any video with print outs in hand. Here is how you do it.

  1. Upload any video not exceeding 25 MB in size.
  2. Capture up to 30 snapshots of video and add title and descriptions to each of them.                                     
  3. Print your Vidinotes or share the generated PDF with others.

Also, there are features like pausing the video anytime or even going forwards and backwards by dragging the bar to increase the comfort of users. There is no prior registration required to use the services.

However, there are a few limitations which may hinder the popularity of this application. The only format supported for videos is FLV and you cannot upload a video of size more than 25 MB. The site permits you to take maximum 30 snapshots of your uploaded video.

All said and done, having printable summary of your videos is a unique concept and worth giving a shot.


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Vidinotes was founded to expand the use of online videos. While online videos provide entertainment and understanding, learning from videos is not very practical. Vidinotes is the bridge from video to learning, allowing users to create their own notes of a video, including images taken directly from the video, then print or save their new document.

How Is Useful?

A summary of video files is a completely new and useful idea which would be an instant hit with people who are avid viewers of Videos. A handy printed reference of both personal and professional videos with this web-app makes it a site to use!

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