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Many times we see HD pictures on internet, these HD pictures are really very big in size and resolutions, if you download them on your computer and try to look into it by zooming into it then you probably end with nothing in your hand.

There are some desktop tools which will help you to zoom into HD pictures and see details of them but the freeware are not upto mark and paid versions are expensive and if you want to look into just one or two pictures then you don’t wanna throw your money on it.

Zoom.It, its an Microsoft’s online tool which let you zoom into any HD pictures and see the details of it, Microsoft claims that it can process and image upto 2GPx (Giga Pixels) very easily and smoothly.


How To Use It :-

  • First visit the site from below link,
  • Now either to test you can select any image from the sidebar and test the service,
  • Or if you had any image then just past its URL there and let it upload the picture,
  • Once it finish uploading you can use either your mouse to ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT or use buttons provided there on the screen,

The service runs on Windows Azure cloud computing framework and it require you to have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your system, if you don’t have installed then you can donwload it from Microsoft site, its free.

They also accept links to PDFs, SVGs and even regular webpages to create Zoom.It.You can also share your Zoom.It result with your friends or you can also embed that image on your blog or web site directly as they provide API to developers.The site is free to use and don’t need any kind of registration from your side.

Visit Site :- Zoom.It

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